RCC Draft Political Platform



The objective of the RCC Political Coalition is to offer an alternate governance solution to the Canadian public when the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois are exposed and condemned for having undermined our constitution, laws, system of government, institutions of accountability and regional and national economies; and demonstrated to be complicit in facilitating the country’s richest families and corporations and the Chinese government, that country’s wealthiest citizens and criminal triad organizations embezzling hundreds of billions of dollars for personal use and to finance totalitarian imperialism. 



The following are suggested policies circulated to all non-mainstream political parties for analysis and approval:


(i)         Every step will be taken and expedited to return indivisible sovereignty to Canada;


(ii)       Every person responsible for the malfeasance will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; the Government will seek the maximum sentence pursuant to The Security of Information Act, the Criminal Code of Canada and other applicable statutes;


(iii)      An accountability tribunal will be empowered to prosecute the malfeasant and judges from Commonwealth countries will be appointed to adjudicate to ensure that justice is both done and seen to be done;


(iv)      The Government will make formal request of all intel, evidence and records in the possession of foreign governments that can assist in the prosecution; and where national security interests are involved all steps will be taken to protect confidentiality


(v)        Every step will be taken to freeze, seize and custodianize capital and assets, both real and personal, which are the proceeds of crime;


(vi)       Malfeasant corporations will be custodianized and held in trust, managed as on-going operations by independent receivers to protect jobs and revenue streams; and Government policy will determine what will be done with them and their assets


(vii)      All contracts and arrangements with foreign investors and corporations in excess of $X hundred million will be renegotiated; and a special panel of experts and specialists will be empowered to critically examine them and make recommendations to the Government and The People as to how to proceed;


(viii)    Emigrants from China who were granted landed immigrant status or Canadian citizenship will be presumed to not have entered Canada legally; a tribunal will be empowered to reevaluate each case and a reverse onus burden of proof will apply;


(ix)      All federal and provincial appointments to government offices, the judiciary and administrative tribunals will be null and void; pension and other benefits will be cancelled and where appropriate claw-backs will be implemented; a tribunal will be empowered to review all appointments and a reverse onus burden of proof will apply;


(x)       Canada’s banks will be custodianized and managed by an independent receiver in order to identify and then seize personal and corporate assets of malfeasant parties; lines of personal and corporate credit will be cancelled and all banking services will be terminated; and Government policy will determine what will be done with them and their assets;


(xi)      Malfeasant investment firms will be custodianized and managed by an independent receiver; they will be operated as on-going operations to protect jobs and revenue streams; and Government policy will determine what will be done with them and their assets;


(xii)      An independently managed trust account will be created to hold all seized real and personal assets; how those assets will be managed will be decided by Government policy;


(xiii)     A tribunal will be empowered to review the detention of every single inmate of aboriginal ethnicity with the objective of releasing those who pose no danger to the public; they will immediately released to the care and custody of tribal councils who shall have the exclusive and unfettered discretion to ascertain what further punishment, if any, is warranted; criteria for release is according to aboriginal rules, custom and practices;


(xiv)      Canadians and foreign nationals arrested for Security of Information Act violations will be incarcerated in penitentiaries, not entitled to bail and held until trial; overflow will be accommodated by converting decommissioned military bases into temporary prisons;


(xv)      In order to return sovereignty to The People, Government policy will be put to a referendum by way of Internet voting; prior to the vote the public will be solicited for suggestions, after which there will be several nationally broadcast discussions and debates with academics, experts and specialists in relevant fields to inform the public about the nature of the proposed policy and ramifications upon implementation; where there is an approval of XX% (perhaps 75%), the policy will be implemented; where the vote is less than that the matter will be returned to the discussion and debate stage and a second vote will be cast by The People within X months (perhaps 6); in the event the threshold of approval is below XX%, the Government will implement the policy and an on-going empirical analysis of the direct and indirect effects of the policy will be conducted by academics, experts and specialists; and in X years (perhaps 1 1/2 to 2) another series of nationally broadcast discussions and debates will be held, after which the policy will be voted on by The People; in the event the threshold of approval is again below XX%, the process of critique and voting will be repeated. 


(xvi)     It will be the policy of the Government to be fully transparent except where there are national security issues; access to information legislation will be revisited with a view to making records and documents more easily available;


(xvii)    During interim governance the distinction between federal and provincial will be collapsed into one political jurisdiction; there will be four regions – western, central, eastern and northern – and a cabinet from each region will be represented in Government; provincial constituents will be collapsed and transposed into larger geographical units;


(xviii)   Legislation will be enacted to prohibit the influences of nepotism and patronage in government appointments, employment and the awarding of contracts;


(xix)     The Government will critically examine the Canadian constitution and ask The People whether, or to what extent, changes ought to be made;


(xx)      The Government will implement a decentralization of political, bureaucratic, fiscal and economic authority to the provinces, retaining only that which is essential to national and economic security and existing and future agreements and arrangements with foreign governments;


(xxi)     The size and roles of the federal and provincial governments and bureaucracies will be significantly reduced;


(xxii)    Agreements related to government employment remuneration, golden parachutes and pensions will be evaluated for their merit and reduced or eliminated where unreasonable or unlawful; a tribunal will be empowered to review benefits back to the early 1980s and claw-backs will be assessed where appropriate and where they resulted from unlawful policies and practices;


(xxiii)   The Government will take aggressive steps to end the monopolization of the economy in all its forms and enshrine free market principles and practices in the economy; Crown corporations and other public intrusions into the marketplace will be reviewed with the intent of ending government presence in the marketplace;


(xxiv)   The Government will put to The People the issue of the utility of the party system and the use of free votes in a parliamentary system;


(xxv)    The Government will address institutionalized inequities in the distribution of wealth and opportunity; and policies will be aggressively and swiftly implemented to bring relief to the poor, working poor, homeless and aboriginals, especially in the areas of social housing, welfare and education;


(xxvi)    Federal and provincial government contracts that went significantly unreasonably over budget will be reviewed and claw-backs will be assessed where appropriate and where they resulted from unlawful policies and practices;


(xxvii)  The Government will make a formal request of foreign governments pursuant to The United Nation’s Convention on Corruption for the seizure and return of foreign-situate embezzled wealth; and the primary priority for that capital’s distribution is delivering relief to the poor, working poor, homeless and aboriginals;


(xxviii) The equalization scheme will be critically examined and either scrapped entirely or significantly modified to ensure it achieves its objectives and doesn’t perpetuate inefficiencies, fraud and waste;


(xxix)   The Government will implement policies related to infrastructure development with an emphasis on green and sustainable technologies and renewable energy sources; legislation will be introduced that severely penalizes polluters; amendments to legislation will include imposing criminal penalties not on corporations but rather owners and management;


(xxx)    The Government will review health care policies and practices with a view to deliver better and faster service, cut costs and waste and emphasize prevention;


(xxxi)   The Government will ensure an equitable distribution of natural resources wealth to significantly reduce the costs of higher education; interest payments on student loans will be reduced or eliminated;


(xxxii)  The Government will aggressively review policies and practices that sustain the national debt with a view to a responsible reduction over time;


(xxxiv) The income tax system will be reviewed and overhauled where necessary; The People will be asked to consider reforms such as a flat tax and other new approaches;


(xxxv) The Government will introduce whistleblower legislation that protects those who expose corruption and criminality and offer incentives for coming forward;


(xxxvi) Legislation will be enacted to bring gender equity to workplace remuneration and upward mobility; provisions will provide for substantial penalties against owners and management;


(xxxvii)  How judges and senators are chosen will be reviewed and The People will be asked whether their tenures are to be for life or are time-specific and appointed or elected; and


(xxxviii) The Government will recommend the building of a second and third Parliament in Vancouver and an eastern city to create a symbol of inclusion and deliver to Canadians at the far ends of the country access to and input in the system of federal governance.





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